Recovery QiGong is an easy step by step program that promotes healthy living, healing and longevity. Through many years of teaching, students have reported exceptional positive health changes. Learn about QiGong, modern medicine, breathing techniques, 24-posture instructions, as well as the history and masters behind the program.

Recovery Qi Gong



    Fabiola Hernandez,

    Qi Gong Instructor

    My experience with Ash was very energetically amazing.
    I felt my chakras heat up. I saw their colours and Ash was able to send white light through my crown chakra. At times i felt like I was floating toward the universe, when my eyes were closed I was able to connect with my spirit animals. I had nothing but cool vibes and a great experience. I Highly recommended anyone dealing with physical or emotional issues to Ash.



    My last recollection was that of symbols being written on my back, I felt humble, blessed and a strong divine connection.
    The entire time, I felt loved, safe and shrouded. The warmth of the energy coming through you was not overwhelmingly hot, it was perfect. I felt the energy, the entire time. Today, I feel balanced and whole. Thank you so much!

    Carly Read

    CSR Rep

    I find it helps my coccyxx and lower back as well as my hips, my body feels better and I really NOTICE a difference. But also when I am in a reiki session I experience seeing things, hearing things, I feel I'm becoming more intuned with my spiritual side, which is what I am working on more and more , because this interests me more. I like the fact that recieving these reiki sessions is helping me feel better about myself, my mind, body and soul are opening me up to a whole other dimension of what life is truly about.

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