If you have experienced cancer therapy,( surgery, chemo and/or radiation,) you know the devastating toll it takes on your body. This recovery program is a proven system that will help you take your health back. I teach this system of QiGong weekly to cancer patients and caregivers. The results are profound.

Recovery QiGong for Individuals with Cancer


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    My experience with Ash was very energetically amazing.
    I felt my chakras heat up. I saw their colours and Ash was able to send white light through my crown chakra. At times i felt like I was floating toward the universe, when my eyes were closed I was able to connect with my spirit animals. I had nothing but cool vibes and a great experience. I Highly recommended anyone dealing with physical or emotional issues to Ash.

    Fabiola Hernandez,

    Qi Gong Instructor



    My last recollection was that of symbols being written on my back, I felt humble, blessed and a strong divine connection.
    The entire time, I felt loved, safe and shrouded. The warmth of the energy coming through you was not overwhelmingly hot, it was perfect. I felt the energy, the entire time. Today, I feel balanced and whole. Thank you so much!

    Carly Read

    CSR Rep

    I find it helps my coccyxx and lower back as well as my hips, my body feels better and I really NOTICE a difference. But also when I am in a reiki session I experience seeing things, hearing things, I feel I'm becoming more intuned with my spiritual side, which is what I am working on more and more , because this interests me more. I like the fact that recieving these reiki sessions is helping me feel better about myself, my mind, body and soul are opening me up to a whole other dimension of what life is truly about.